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Chi Sao

“Loy Lau Hoi Sung, Lut Sau Jik Chung.” This means: “Retain what’s coming in, send off what’s retreating; Rush in upon loss of hand contact.” The most important lesson of Chi Sao starts by understanding the Tao. The Tao teaches …

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What If I Get Shot?

Since the Columbine High School Massacre of April 20, 1999, we have seen an increasing amount of Active Shooter Events across our nation. This era is perhaps the worst time in American History, where the young and old have a complete …

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The Survival Culture

The most unsecured way to live is when one does not know how to persevere when confronted with danger. Danger has many faces. How many times have we witnessed a burning building, a pedestrian struck by auto, or people suffering …

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2016 has left IDM with many accomplishments. Collectively, we increased our understanding of the Arts, both physically and philosophically by surrounding ourselves with some of the best teachers on the planet. This education came from Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr., …

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Subway Violence

  According to ABC News, Transit crime has been on the rise.  An astonishing increase that should keep commuters aware of their surrounds at all times. We should prepare ourselves by being actively aware of our immediate space. That spatial …

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Atlantic City Martial Arts Convention

On January 22nd to 24th, the Northeast experienced one of the worst snow blizzards in its history. New Jersey called it, a State of Emergency, but that did not stop dedicated martial artist from attending the annual gathering at the …

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Welcome to Institute of Defensive Methods. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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