Subway Violence

February 14



According to ABC News, Transit crime has been on the rise.  An astonishing increase that should keep commuters aware of their surrounds at all times.

We should prepare ourselves by being actively aware of our immediate space. That spatial relationship between you and someone else defined by 3 feet to create a reactionary gap for evasive or counter offensive movement. Far too often, people find themselves in close proximity of others distracted by their mobile devices or worse yet, feel comfortable enough to “doze off.”

Let’s look at the facts. On Jan. 25, a Brooklyn woman was slashed in the face while riding the subway through Greenwich Village. The following day saw two more slashing attacks, both inside moving trains. A 37-year-old man was sleeping on board a northbound No. 4 train when he felt a tug on his pants. When he woke up, he saw a man standing over him with a razor and noticed his jeans were cut in the left pocket area. When the victim tried to restrain the suspect, he was punched in the face and cut in the hand with the razor. We also saw, a 37-year old woman bump into a man and felt a sharp pain, later to find out she had two small puncture wounds.

These are the realities and challenges faced by commuters and to be quite honest, these challenges apply to all of us. So what can we do? ABC news recently interviewed Edwin Pantoja and I on this disturbing subject matter. Please click on the link below to learn a few safety tips.

Sometimes it is unavoidable to be jammed packed inside of a train especially during rush hour such. Even though you may not have the opportunity to create a reactionary gap, please be mindfully aware of your space. 

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