I would highly recommend Cesar Olavarria as an excellent Martial Arts instructor. Cesar has trained with me for several years, and became a certified instructor under me after passing a rigorous testing and performance process. Cesar has always shown great enthusiasm, dedication, and desire for learning new arts and then passing his knowledge on to others. Cesar is very skilled and knowledgeable in several arts including but not limited to, Jeet Kune Do, Kali Eskrima, and Maphilindo Silat. If you want to learn from an excellent instructor who has dedicated his life to Martial Arts and who truly cares about the development of his students, I would recommend Cesar Olavarria.

Rick Tucci
Princeton Academy of Martial Arts

On behalf of the Pan American Taekwondo Union, it is my pleasure to congratulate you on grand opening of your new martial arts center in New Jersey!

As your formal instructor, it is with great honor to recognize my students to succeed as excellent Martial Artists and later to become a great master instructor like yourself.

You walked into my Taekwondo School in West New York, NJ in early 1980s as a grade school student, and spent your entire middle to high school years in my school in training Taekwondo. You were one of the best, yet few students who respected and observed the Five Tenets of Taekwondo in your everyday life; Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Among your extensive achievement in Taekwondo, you also had a great success as a competitor in many of the local and national level competitions, such as NJ State Championships and the U.S. National Taekwondo Championships. As a part of your Black Belt qualification training, you had traveled to Korea to experience the origin of Taekwondo in summer of 1986. During your visit in Korea, you had a great privilege of meeting and training with many of great legends and grand masters of Taekwondo which positively steered you to pursue perfection in your training.

You then moved on to Rutgers University where you had formed Rutgers University Taekwondo Club. I believe that this was a great beginning for you to develop your excellent leadership qualities among your peers. The Rutgers Taekwondo Club under your leadership, demonstrated their strong prowess among the likes of Ivy League universities and the others in collegiate circuit.

Upon Graduating Rutgers University, you joined local police force in town of Hoboken. Among your busy schedule as an officer of the law enforcement, you taught young children the fine art of Taekwondo and other related Martial Arts in Union City, NJ.

During this important period as an instructor, you have earned 5th Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon, and gained honorable status as a Master Instructor. You are also a certified referee from US Taekwondo Union among many of your achievements. You are currently serving as the vice president of the NJ USA-Taekwondo Association among other recognitions. Such incomparable achievements reflect on your comprehensive, extensive experiences in your martial arts training and your leadership as a master instructor.

As you begin your instructions in “Institute of Defensive Methods” in Hoboken, NJ, I am confident that you will again succeed in your journey of becoming an enlightened martial artist by helping students of Hoboken to reach their own total mind and body control through training. Your students, without a doubt, should be honored and privileged to learn from such a highly educated and qualified master instructor.

Again, my best wishes to you and your family for all of your current and future endeavors in Martial Art.


Grand Master Ji Ho Choi
Pan American Taekwondo Union
Executive Council Member, WTF


I would like to recommended Sifu Cesar Olavarria at The Self Defend Institute Methods in Hoboken ,New Jersey..Cesar is one of the most talented and dedicated Martial Artists. He has trained with me for a number of years and has accompanied me to Hong Kong and China Ip Man Tong Museum Summer Palace in Bejing and has performed in some important demonstrations on China TV and at the 170 years old Choy Li Fut School.

His love and enthusiasms for Wing Chun make him one of the best Sifu in New Jersey ,U.S.A .He has been promoting Ip Man Wing Chun.

In addition to Master Olavarria’s martial skill and ability, is his unique experience from his career as a police officer in Hoboken, New Jersey. This experience makes him a uniquely valuable instructor for anyone wanting training in “Real World” methods of self-protection.

Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu

The following is an unsolicited endorsement

My name is Tony Massengill. I am certified as a 3rd generation master of the Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu lineage. I am a Senior U.S. disciple of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, and the United States director of the Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Association.

I have been active in the Martial Arts for over 42 years, and have earned instructor certifications in many martial disciplines. I have traveled and trained in Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as throughout the United States. In my travels I have encountered many very knowledgeable and talented martial artist.

I have written this unsolicited endorsement for Master Cesar Olavarria. Cesar, in my opinion, is one of the most talented and well-rounded martial artist I have ever had the opportunity of meeting. His skills are surpassed only by his great attitude and personality. Cesar Olavarria is a genuine master and all around class act.

In addition to Master Olavarria’s martial skill and ability, is his unique experience from his career as a police officer in Hoboken, New Jersey. This experience makes him a uniquely valuable instructor for anyone wanting training in “Real World” methods of self-protection. It is this experience along with the fact that he is very gifted in his martial skills that has inspired me to write this endorsement.

It is my belief that anyone who can possibly get to Master Olavarria’s class, and decides to train with anyone else, is making a very grave mistake. I have seen and trained with world class instructors all over the world, and it is my opinion that Cesar Olavarria has earned a place among this class of masters.

Tony Massengill
3rd Generation Master, Ip Family Wing Chun
Co-Author: “Mastering Wing Chun – The key’s to Ip Man’s Kung Fu”


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