The Survival Culture

January 09


The most unsecured way to live is when one does not know how to persevere when confronted with danger. Danger has many faces. How many times have we witnessed a burning building, a pedestrian struck by auto, or people suffering from a sudden diabetic stroke? More than we care to admit. And in many cases, danger has revealed itself to be intentional. Society is infested with crimes against persons, crimes against property, and crimes against humanity. The lack of preparation only leads to insecurity surrounded by anxiety and fear. GrandTuhon Supremo Leo Gaje Jr. said, “The worst enemy is Death at the door of Stupidity.”

The Filipino Martial Arts, aka Kali/Eskrima is more than a martial art, it is a Survival Culture which serves as a guiding light for the intellect. Some say, “Who Dares Wins,” meaning that the person who dares to prepare ultimately wins. Not only in an exposure of an attack but with all possibilities of danger against the enemy that you don’t know and don´t see – whether natural or man-made.

Question?  What do you do after knowing that danger is afoot?  What do you when the presence of the danger knocks at your door with a gun pointing at you?  What do you do during a disaster or a terrorist attack?  What do you do?

Prepare!  For the way is at hand

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